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Your expert in the field of specified paint systems for exceptionally large product. If you can haul it down the road, we can coat it!

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Our Services

  • Two combined 125,000+ sq. ft. climate-controlled facilities
  • Overhead cranes with lift capacity of 120,000+ pounds
  • In both locations Modular blast rooms and paint areas
  • Quick turnaround
  • Bright, experienced and devoted technicians
  • Multiple shifts with flexible scheduling
  • Multi-industry project experience

Effective & Experienced

Focused Quality, Expertise & Innovation

We’re proud of what we do and that pride shows in our growing base of satisfied customers. From piping and tanks to structural components, no project is too extraordinary or ordinary.

Nationally Recognized Standards

Profile Finishing Systems guarantees quality control. Quality is important to our customers, and to us. Rigorous inspections are conducted throughout every stage of the process from blasting to each liquid coat of corrosion inhibitor.


From mining equipment to agricultural fields, the people we serve are driven by a sense of purpose. The people who work at PFS are no different. Our team members work diligently to build something greater than themselves. Because someone, somewhere is counting on us to make a difference.


  • Properties of a Quality Industrial Paint Process
    When it comes to keeping your industrial products as functional as possible, you need to start the manufacturing process the right way. Before these products are sold or used, they need to be properly coated. This can ensure corrosion protection and prolonged function. So, what makes a quality industrial paint process? When hiring a company, … Read More
  • 5 Benefits of Abrasive Media Blasting
    Let’s accept this as a given: The function of industrial products depends on the product’s condition. And to ensure a product remains in top condition for as long as possible, manufacturers will often apply corrosion protection. This can be done during the initial manufacturing process or at a later date after wear and tear has … Read More


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