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Profile Finishing Systems, Inc. – Job Description

Job Title: Painter – 1st Shift Core Hours: 7 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Status: Non-Exempt

Reports To: Shop Superintendent, QC and Safety Manager

Pay Range: $16 – $20/hour based on experience

Position Summary:

Must be able to take direction and work in a fast-paced industrial environment; priming, painting/coating primarily large steel/metal materials.

Primary Responsibilities:

Will Train as needed.

Operating Equipment – Both conventional and airless methods used for epoxy, urethane and polyurethane paints. (Powder coating and automotive painting not necessarily transferable.)

Paint Knowledge – Experience with mixing paint as well as an understanding of its constituents and characteristics for ease in applying is a plus. As well as knowledge of anticipated drying times and correcting of flaws when necessary.

Quality Control – Experience utilizing a wet mil gauge on all surfaces consistently while painting to ensure a correct and consistent coat. In addition, it is the painter’s responsibility to ensure proper substrate preparation. This includes but not limited to looking for runs, sags, dry spray, skippers, poor blast or extremely over sprayed parts. Must also use a light to check for even coverage due to large surfaces being sprayed.

Set-up and Clean-up – Responsible for functionality and maintenance of assigned equipment. Should know how to disassemble guns and clean thoroughly and at end of day and be able to prep for next day’s work swiftly. Set-up and shut-down must be completed expeditiously to maximize spray-time. Must also understand and adhere to disposal guidelines.

Teamwork – Must maintain constant contact with supervisors and coworkers to assure safety, efficiency and open communication. Must be willing to shift priorities as needed to optimize efficiency.

Cross training – All employees are cross trained to perform other duties, such as but not limited to: Material Handling, Blasting, Quality Control, etc.

Meetings – Attend staff meetings at start of each shift with 1st and 2nd shift supervisors, shipping and receiving supervisor and quality control supervisor. Must actively listen and participate.

Time Management – Must be able to track time allocated to various jobs that occur simultaneously and submit accurate time card at the end of each day. Must also cooperate as a team member assisting others as necessary to boost productivity.

Safety – Must go through training and testing for required machinery and abide by procedures for operating equipment and for conduct on the shop floor. (See also Working Conditions.)

Policies & Procedures – Must have basic understanding of Profile Finishing Systems employee handbook and know general protocol for conduct and performance expectations.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities:

• Should have in-depth knowledge of paint production warehouse and/or heavy industrial background.
• Conventional and airless painting experience are a plus. Attention to detail is mandatory to avoid runs, skips and other quality issues. Must also be conscientious of safety and clean-up.
• Basic knowledge of quality control practices and experience with wet mil gauges is beneficial.
• Must possess high school diploma or equivalent.
• Strong work ethic is a must. Unexcused absences and tardiness will not be tolerated.
• Excellent teamwork and communication skills required.

Working Conditions:

• Must be able to lift at least 25 pounds.
• Some jobs require working at heights that exceed 20 feet (after 90-day probationary period).
• May experience significant changes in room temperatures in severely hot or cold weather.
• Safety glasses/goggles, ear plugs, and steel toe boots must be worn at all times on shop floor.
• Must have pulmonary fit test along with hearing tests performed annually.

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