Material Handling

Our material handling capability is a significant component of the process where Profile Finishing Systems really adds additional value. With coating large product we understand there is a significant time and dollar investment in the part by the time we see it. We appreciate the fact that when you leave your product in our hands you trust that we will care for it in the same manner as your team would. With crane capacity up to 120,000 lbs, forklifts sized for each job, and our experienced staff of Material Handlers, we are not only in a position to get the job done, we are in the position to get the job done right!

The benefits beyond your security include an improved coating bond, better aesthetic through reduced touchpoints, and an overall increase in the quality of product delivered.

Material Handling Capabilities

Heavy Duty Forklifts: 17,000 lbs


  • Kaukauna: 120,000 lbs
  • Waukesha: 100,000 lbs