5 Benefits of Abrasive Media Blasting

Let’s accept this as a given: The function of industrial products depends on the product’s condition. And to ensure a product remains in top condition for as long as possible, manufacturers will often apply corrosion protection. This can be done during the initial manufacturing process or at a later date after wear and tear has become apparent. While there are several ways to prep products for industrial paint coatings such as corrosion inhibitors, media blasting is one of the most effective. The first abrasive blasting process received a patent in 1870, and 150 years later this process is still essential for modern manufacturers. The following are just some of the benefits of abrasive media blasting.

  1. Rust Removal: Rust and corrosion can start to erode products slowly, spreading as the metal ages. Media blasting can remove rust and corrosion, giving the product a smooth surface. And since professionals perform this corrosion protection process in a highly controlled environment, humidity and temperature do not need to be an issue.
  2. Efficient Prep: When you elect to hire a professional media blasting company, you can effectively prep your industrial products for further treatment. This takes the guesswork out of coating and painting, allowing you to sell them with confidence.
  3. Higher Quality Products: Corrosion protection and a rust-free surface offer better tanks and products to your customers. This commitment to quality can also boost your company’s reputation in the industry, setting your manufacturing process apart.
  4. Effective Painting: When a product is prepped with a pressurized abrasive blaster, it will be more ready for painting. Not only will the paint stick more effectively, but it will also look more even. And this is especially true when you hire a painting professional rather than approach the process yourself.
  5. Damage Prevention: An initial media blast followed by a coat of protective paint can keep a product stronger for years. Since rust and corrosion are often the culprits for equipment failure, you can check those off the list of risks. Talk to your professional about how you can further protect the products or provide your customers with more detailed instructions.

By hiring a professional to treat your industrial products, you can increase your commitment to quality. This not only makes your customers more satisfied but also sets a higher industry standard.

For information on professional media blasting and other treatments, contact Profile Finishing Systems today. Our professionals are happy to assess your business needs and recommend a treatment solution.